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What’s wrong with Enhanced Transfer Values?

Nothing! That’s the short answer. The clue is in the name, it’s really difficult to see how anything ‘Enhanced’ above normal levels can be a bad thing. Yes, advice should be provided and best endeavours should be made to ensure members are fully informed and, perhaps more importantly, not misinformed. But other than that there […]

Stop Press – Free breakfast briefing-Pitmans/FA – City 29th Sept.

Stop Press – Free breakfast briefing-Pitmans/FA – City 29th Sept

First Briefing – Employer-related investment

The Government has announced changes to the legislation relating to employer-related investment. In order to comply with an EU Directive the new rules come into effect on 23 September 2010. The changes will mean that for all occupational pension schemes, trustees can hold no more than 5% of the scheme assets in employer-related investments. You may say, “Isn’t […]

Are you from the North East?

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First Actuarial waives charges for it’s October Trustee training course!

The environment in which pension scheme trustees operate has never been more complex and there is no doubt that the role of the pension scheme trustee is under more scrutiny than ever before.  Legislation now requires trustees to have the appropriate skills and knowledge to undertake their role. In particular, trustees are now required to […]

First Actuarial announces new appointments in 2010 from Social Housing and Care Employers

Peter Shellswell, who leads First Actuarial’s social housing consulting team, commented: “Over the past five years, we have worked hard to make First Actuarial the pension adviser of choice for social housing and care employers. I am delighted that so many new organisations have appointed us this year to advise them on their pension affairs. […]