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The Pensions Regulator’s statement – taking things too far

Towards the end of April the Pensions Regulator (tPR) released its first annual statement on the funding of pension schemes. Despite its reporting in the press, I can’t see how this gives any additional slack to employers. However, it does provide perhaps the clearest steer yet on how the Pensions Regulator expects The Occupational Pension […]

Fair and Sustainable Public Sector Pensions

Ahead of the planned strikes on Wednesday I thought I’d post a few thoughts on public sector pensions. I think of myself as being one of the few people that aren’t firmly on one side of the argument on this. I’m a taxpayer on one hand but defender of defined benefit pensions on the other. […]

Guaranteed Minimum Price-tags (GMPs)

We’ve recently had the 21st anniversary of one of the most profound judgements in pensions, the Barber ruling. This was the judgement that meant that from 17 May 1990 pension benefits accruing for men and women had to be equal; the main impact being on retirement ages. Up until this point most schemes operated on […]

Mark-to-Market, 24th November debate

A fantastic debate was held last night with the motion: “This house believes that mark-to-market accounting is inappropriate for pension liabilities and should be abolished.” My piece from the debate is reproduced below: “I was sitting in Subway at the weekend thinking about what I might say today, staring at my “foot long” sandwich – […]

What’s wrong with Enhanced Transfer Values?

Nothing! That’s the short answer. The clue is in the name, it’s really difficult to see how anything ‘Enhanced’ above normal levels can be a bad thing. Yes, advice should be provided and best endeavours should be made to ensure members are fully informed and, perhaps more importantly, not misinformed. But other than that there […]