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First Briefing – PPF Levy 2012/13, November 2011

Introduction In the PPF Levy 2012/13, June 2011 Briefing we looked at the new framework proposed by the PPF for the 2012/13 levy. The PPF has now issued the draft levy determination for the 2012/13 levy year. The determination provides detail on the proposed operation of the levy, sets out the levy parameters and proposes […]

First Briefing – PPF Levy 2012/13, June 2011

Introduction In the PPF Levy 2011-12, February 2011 Briefing we outlined how the PPF calculated the pension protection levy for the 2011/12 tax year. Following extensive consultation within the industry, the Pension Protection Fund (“PPF”) has announced changes to the way in which the pension protection levy will be calculated. The new approach will apply […]

F1rst briefing – Contingent Assets and SPVs

Background In the current economic climate, many pension scheme shortfalls have increased leading to a greater demand for contributions. However, at the same time, many employers are finding the cash required for higher contributions hard to come by. An increasing number of sponsoring employers and trustees are therefore considering the use of contingent assets and […]